Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Painting Marathon - Day 16

March Painting Marathon  - Day 16

Today the word mARaThon (well it really does have the word ART in there). This really has been a challenge so far.  I am really having to eat healthy, try to sleep well... really forcing myself to sleep (but failing at this), and try to find time to go to the gym to swim. 

Being outside bent over... my hip has really started to hurt. So I am going swimming  to strengthen my core, my stomach muscles. I am also making a point of trying to change my standing / posture while painting. 

Today, I decided to paint Sussex Drive.  The night before I painted The Canal.  And I just needed to free up my brush work a little more.  Under the bridge of The Canal paintings is very detailed. And I just needed to expand my brush movements.

Live Love Art


a short video taken on location

Sussex Drive. oil on canvas. 36 x 48 inches. March 16, 2013. Price $2200.
Patrick John Mills

 starting the painting - process

 process of the painting
photo of working on painting on location

the finished painting on location

Close up of the painting (detail)

Close up of the painting (detail)

Close up of the painting (detail) 
Damian  showed up to give me a care package. Insanely massive gift... a gift of treats and things. I am so blessed to have such people in my world. He is so encouraging. He is wishing to come over to my studio soon to look at what I have been doing. He has a really significant collection of art.  He has some Henry Moore, Morrisseau, Bruce Garner.... and a lot of James Boyd's work. He has about 6 maybe 7 of mine.  He is so kind and supportive. Such a caring, generous, kind, intelligent individual.  I am so happy to have some works in his collection.
I was really fighting with the elements. I was tired from painting the night before. And it was cold and the wind was really harsh. Having Damian show up... we talked and I kept painting. I was having trouble with a tree element of the  painting... and having him there... well my paint brush got a little more happy and soft with the touch. So that helped push the painting to a new level... and resolve the spectrum of the work. So I signed it shortly after he left.  

Close up of the painting (detail)

Close up of the painting (detail)

Close up of the painting (detail)

Close up of the painting (detail)

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