Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Art Factory

The Art Factory 

Currently I am in the process of purchasing this property in Renfrew, Ottawa, Ontario.

I am very excited about having such a large artist studio space.  The factory is 8700 square feet with 23 foot high ceilings.

There is a lot of work that will be needed to be done.  But every journey starts with one step.  It will take some time to fix the place up. I am excited. And look forward to this project.

My vision is to have some sort of retail space in the front part of the building. Eventually hire staff to run a retail store. In this store I intend to sell art, hand made objects, jewelry, tea, coffee, deserts, and fun interesting things.  The front part of the building is about 3000 square feet, divided on two levels. I plan to put a lot of time and energy into making this space an experience. So that people are inspired and wish to return.  

The vision will grow and is very flexible. I will see and be open to what gifts, ideas, individuals present themselves to the space.  

The property is on the main road of Renfrew.  You can not miss it as you drive down the main road.  

I will be posting on my Facebook wall events... One of the ideas that I have is to offer a free, open invite to all my Facebook Artists Friends... we can all have a creative weekend together making art in the Art Factory.  I think there will be enough space. lol.  Well I hope we can all be creative for a weekend (arrive on a Friday, be creative, and Sunday afternoon return after great time together).  Well this is one of many many ideas. It will be fun.  Excited.

My very good friend Jack Stekelenburg will be living and working there. I have offered him free studio space to sculpt for life. Jack is a great dear friend. And he is a very talented artist. It will give me great joy to see him express himself with his art.  

Live Love Art


inside the Art Factory

photo inside the Art Factory

I will also get this duplex house (rental income)

 photo of the front of the future Art Factory

An office that will be converted into an apartment for Jack

 I will need to renovate this (much work) but I intend to convert this into storage units to rent out

This structure is rented out to a local business (1400 square feet)