Friday, April 20, 2012

Something Upcoming of Interest

Gee, wouldn't it be good to be on this panel? Maybe attend the event and hope that there is time for questions. I'm going to go. Anyone else?  Shannon
Wednesday, May 2, 2012
7:00 PM
Auditorium @ The National Gallery of Canada
380 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, ON

Third annual The Walrus/National Gallery of Canada Debate

Panel discussion: "Art in Daily Life: Essential or Irrelevant? Who decides? Who pays? Who cares?"

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good Morning

 Good Morning. oil on canvas. 30 x 54 inches. Spring 2012. Price: $2200.
Patrick John Mills

photo taken on the fence in the back yard of my studio.

April 19th. 2012.  I had some birds singing outside my bedroom window at 4:43 am.  It was still dark outside. I opened my window a little more. I decided to just enjoy hearing them.  My pillow was a cloud. I lay on my back to straighten out my back. I watched the day start.

The last week has been extremely productive... very creatively demanding. I completed 11 paintings this week alone.  So I was very tired. And did not really wish to go to the studio. But the creative flow was just moving. So I moved back into my studio.  I managed to start four other paintings and complete this work. 

close up of painting

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Live Yellow Dreams

Yellow in my Soul
Yellow in my Mind
Sunshine in my Heart
Sunshine dances inside of Me.

Specifically for the past year I have been thinking about how each colour relates to the energy inside of my soul.

My bedroom was a big window. Every morning the sun opens my day. I do not have curtains. I just love to start the day with the sunshine. 

Most mornings I lay there and connect with the energy. 

Yellow has been a dominate colour in my palette for some time now.  I just love the colour yellow.  It just feels so good.  I feel it is the Sun SunShine Son. 

I do not do yoga. I am not that serious about my research about the chakra energy. Meditation is not something I have developed.  I am a pretty intense person. So I think about something a lot. And I really just try to focus, connect myself, centre myself.  

While doing these paintings I felt so connected to the sunshine. 

The levels of balance. A state of sunshine mind. Everything in pure light. The mind is clear. Soul is embracing Sunshine. So Sweet. Nature is so beautiful. A soliloquy of yellow. A dream about a Lady.

Live yellow dreams

 Field of Dreams. oil on canvas. 32 x 40 inches. April 18,  2012. Price: $1200

close up of above painting

 Sun Dreams. oil on canvas. 28 x 36 inches. April 18th, 2012. Price: $1200

This painting has such fine subtle elements... it really has to be seen in the flesh.

close up of above painting

painting on location

 painting on location

Patrick S. Greene joined me and we painted together.
We had a great, amazing time.  

Quit Your Job and Then We'll Talk Art

Adam F. Davidson explaining one of his graffitiesque drawings.
On the second Thursday of each month, from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, the gallery hosts Let's Talk Art where two artists spend 20 minutes each talking about their art and then responding to questions from the audience.

In April, Adam F. Davidson and Shannon Lee Mannion spoke about their experience being artists, what lead to them becoming artists, what being artists means to them and what plans they hold for the future.

In talks such as these, and there's another one May 10/12, it is the question period where the
nitty-gritty gets talked about. Tough questions such as, "What compels you to keep creating when there's little or no recognition and the bills keep coming in?" and, "Do you ever wish you were doing something else?"
Adam F. Davidson and Shannon Lee Mannion about to respond toquestions from the audience.

Comfortable chairs, proper lighting and light refreshments make for an enjoyable experience.

Abstract artist, Adam F. Davidson making a point.

After the talk, people were welcome to explore both floors of the gallery and to stroll around the Sculpture Garden along the side of the building. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seven Days

Seven Days series

I could not sleep. Think too much. So I go to the studio and paint.

I worked from 12:45 am -  5:02 am

Managed to complete 4 med/large paintings + 1 small painting = 5
Here are the results. 

thank you

Ability to Love.
oil on canvas. 46 x 50 inches. Price: $2600

Tender Heart
oil on canvas. 38 x 46 inches. Price: $2400

Open Your Heart
oil on canvas. 38 x 48 inches. Price:$2400

close up of Open Heart painting

oil on canvas. 38 x 52 inches. Price: $2400

Falling... Falling
oil on canvas. 16 x 20 inches. Price $400