Saturday, March 17, 2012

New York - ART - New York - Dreams

Gedney Park (Chappaqua) - February 2012.

I visit my friend Alex and his family in New York.  I go across the street and painting in the park. 

The sky was clear blue. An invisible force was holding me up and pushing me around.

Like a kite I was suspended in the open air. The string held me. I danced around the sky.

A spectrum of colours filtered inside my mind.

Without noticing I was free. The string had vanished, all the walls had disappeared.

I embraced and enjoyed the moment. It was so pure.

The painting was painting itself. I was just a kite blowing around in the sky.

All my colours, all my feathers started to fall off my wings.

I was falling, so free, falling, falling into my canvas.

When the painting was finished. I was exhausted. All my feathers were gone.

I was naked, tender, birth, vunerable, raw, open, a child.

The gentle wind and sunshine warmed my soul.

I sat on the wet grass in the park.

Sunshine Soul. Oil on canvas. 32 x 40 inches. Feb 2012. Price: $2400

I was compelled to get out of bed. 4:55 am.
Everything was night.
I put my cloths on. Went out into the garage.
Red Dreams
Dreaming in Red
Red in my blood
Love Blood Dreams
Never Sleep
Live Every Breathe
Kiss your Soul.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Child Labour - Exploit your Child

Child Labour - Learn to Exploit your Children.

There is nothing wrong with a little hard work.

Here at the Patrick John Mills Gallery we believe you should get your children to work.

Encourage them to help work in your family bussiness.

It is important to have your children participate. They can learn a lot from getting involved. My daugther painted over 200 posters.

Patrick John Mills Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
286 Hinchey Ave. Ottawa. Ontario. K1Y 1M2. 613 729 0406

The Posters are

Tell YOUR Boss to Kiss your ASS.
You want to be an Artist.
You want to live your life, be free, listen to your inner self, and follow your dreams.
Now ask yourself if you have to strength, courage, determination to believe in yourself.
After all... who needs money for food, housing, pension...
Next time you see an Artist... Give them a HUG.

Call to Creative Souls

Call to Creative Souls

With so many artists wishing to share, create, express themselves... the gallery is proud to say that it is going to start.

Theater Nights @ The Gallery

Starting from April 27th, May 25th, June 29th, July 27th, August 31st.

The last Friday of every month we will be hosting Experimental Performance and Theater Nights at the Patrick John Mills Gallery.

A space for emerging plays, films, dance performances and poets to express themselves in an alternative intimate theater venue.

A space where artists can get real feedback from the audience in a great artistic atmosphere.

Where they can share and express their talents with an intimate audience.

We invite you to come and witness Ottawa’s finest emerging artists on all spectrum's of artistc expression. ….Collaborating and expressing

Doors open at 7:30 pm show starts at 8 pm (sharp)

Cover is $10

Enquires contact Jacqui ( 613 406 5595)
or email

Participating Artists will be paid a percentage of profits... smile.

On a personal note / something to add.:

There are a lot of places for music. Bands go play at pubs, bars, small venues. But there is not very many places for theatre, drama, dance, performance, poetry, and more emerging artists. So in an effort to expand and embrace all the arts in our community... I am very excited the that gallery will be starting the Theatre in the gallery next month... every month.

Each night will have a variety of arts, some dance, some theatre, some performance... so that the audience can taste a little ecelectic something special.