Monday, November 25, 2013

Selling your Art.... Sold Painting

Heart Beat.  oil on canvas. 48 x 72 inches.  Sold
artist - Patrick John Mills 

Sold - Painting has New home
video talks about the painting

The below are words from the owner of Heart Beat Painting

 part of an email from client .......
LOVE is a small word, but it is all I know that could approximate my connection to it...exactly the impact I was dreaming of.
Talking about dreams, parts of it are glowing in my living room in the dark...and this ain't a dream, I'd rather not sleep not to miss a Beat.


The poem was written by the owner of the painting... in her response to the painting
Titled: Heart Beats
My heart beats
eyes screaming
that's all I feel

a magic pill
skin breathing, still
mind whispering

words have no meaning
if I steal
your pain and suffering

is it real
lost souls wondering, but
what is real

time passes by
lower the bar
become substandard

and the sun rises
a hidden blue wall

poem written by Annie - 2013

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Shannon Lee said...

Your painting is beautiful and looks fabulous hung on the dark grey wall.