Friday, May 11, 2012

Stage - I Love YOU


Now there is a stage in the back yard of the Patrick John Mills Gallery.  Sweet Stage.

It will comfortably fit bands, poets, theatre... fucking Party.

So excited.  In will have a roof in the next month and a half.  The goal is to get the roof on for Naked Naked Naked, next month's art party.  This way the roof will protect all the sound equipment for the bands.  And it will be great for weddings, special events, gallery rentals. 

I will also be putting in the electrical (underground) so that the lights and everything will look great. 

Theatre nights under the stars.... So excited. So pumped. 

Thank you to Jack Stekelenburg for everything. I mean everything. For he paid for everything and did all the work.  I gave him a painting. And he is the man with the heart and soul of the stage.

Get ready for for some incredible events at the gallery.... It is no longer an art gallery but an ARTS Gallery. 

Live Music, Live painting, Live Slam Poets, Live Dance, LIVE LOVE LIVE LOVE = ARTS



Thursday, May 10, 2012

Another Successful Let's Talk Art Event

Looking into the gallery from the doorway.
This evening's Let's Talk Art featured oil painter and gallery owner, Patrick John Mills, and one-time painter, now abstract sculptor, Jack Stekelenburg.

Patrons were treated to a copy of Patrick John Mills' book, Raw Naked Soul, and there were tea and cheese cake to enjoy during intermission.

A lively discussion took place during the Question and Answer portion and during intermission, as well as at the end of the talk. Half of the audience themselves were artists so there was no dearth of insight.
Jack Stekelenburg taking about his piece, Big City.

Front window of gallery looking towards Hinchey St.
Patrick John Mills seated  in front of one of his works, answering questions.
Snow Blowers by Jack Stekelenberg.

Patrick John Mills answers question about technique.

Oil paintings by Patrick John Mills.

Jack Stekelenburg making the most of his 20 minutes.
At closing time.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I am sleeping, dreaming, painting....

All I do these days is paint. My mind is constantly being squeezed like a tube of paint. 

The titles below are really boring.  My words are lacking. I am speaking in paint.

The below 7 paintings were all done in the last 7 days. Many of them I have been working on for weeks or months.  I have been a walking paint brush.  Not sure if I am sleeping, dreaming, painting....  very tired... I am going to go sleep for 30 mins before I get Isabelle off the school bus.


Patrick John Mills

Untitled. oil on canvas. 18 x 24 inches. Price: $500 

Untitled, oil on canvas. 20 x 25 inches. Spring 2012. Price $600 

Goodnight. oil on canvas. 40 x 60 inches. Spring 2012. Price: $2600

 Tenderness. oil on canvas. 28 x 32 inches. Spring 2012. Price: $1000

Tendern (surrender). oil on canvas. 36 x 48 inches. Spring 2012. Price:$1800

Yellow and Red and some Pink. oil on canvas. 12 x 36 inches. Spring 2012. Price: $900 

Tender Mind and Soul. oil on canvas. 26.5 x 38 inches. Spring 2012. Price: $1200

Monday, May 7, 2012

Let's Talk Art this Thursday

Our third Let's Talk Art event is this coming Thursday with Patrick John Mills and Jack Stekelenburg as our featured artists. Looking forward to seeing you at the gallery!

Paintings by John Patrick Mills.

Metal and glass sculpture by Rosemary Mason and Jack Stekelenburg.

Sculpture along the upstairs hallway by Jack Stekelenburg.

Recent paintings by Patrick John Mills.

Gallery T-Shirts, $20 each. Sure to become a collector's item.
Featuring two 20-minute talks by two outstanding artists, both very different in the work that they do. Patrick John Mills paints in oil and Jack
Stekelenburg sculpts in metal.
The talks are followed by questions from the audience after which light refreshments will be available and people are welcome to explore both floors of the gallery and also, to be amazed at the beauty of the Sculpture Garden in the front and to the side of the gallery.
For additional information about the gallery, please see our website: and to see more art work and to hear what artists who show at the gallery are thinking and saying, please see our blog:
Sculpture by Jack Stekelenburg.

Front room of gallery.

Jack Stekelenburg's sculpture, Speak No Evil, bathed in golden light.
Oil paintings by Patrick John Mills.

Love by Jack Stekelenburg.

Sculpture by Jack Stekeleburg.

And don't forget to come and have fun with us at our monthly ART PARTY. 7:00 pm to 1:00 am.

The next ART PARTY is Saturday, May 19/12 and features Live Entertainment, Dancing, Poetry, Artists Painting, and Refreshments. All this for $20!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dream Love and Tenderness

Dream Love and Tenderness

  It was very overwhelming.  Too much is too much sometimes.  Panic attacks and a flood of emotions. One might equate that with my desperate, starved disposition. But I would be lying if I was saying that.  She was a very beautiful lady.  The conversations we shared were a gift.

too much, too soon
too many years without

a tidal wave of emotions

like a suicide bomber
it exploded

inside my heart

under my skin

deep inside my soul

I dream of
love and tenderness

photo painitng in studio - Spring 2012

 Dream of Love and Tenderness
oil on canvas. 28 x 32 inches. Winter -  Spring 2012. Price: $1000

I worked on this painting for three months. The soft subtle details are not captured in this photo.  Too sunny...

thank you

Patrick John Mills