Monday, March 11, 2013

March 11th, 2013 - March Painting Marathon

March Painting Marathon - Day 11

Today was a long, wet, hard, but beautiful day.  It rained.  And oil and water do not mix. So today had its fair share of complications.  Despite the weather... I kept painting and pushing forward. 

In the end I was most pleased with the end result.  I have documented the process of the day and painting to share with you.

Live Love Art.

short video of painting

 The Canal. oil on canvas. 30 x 54 inches. March 11th, 2013. Price: $2200.
Day 11 of March painting Marathon

 starting the painting - just putting some base paint and elements

 putting down some raw umber (transparent pigment - helps with depth)

 filling in the forms... keep things lose and free...
 so that I can move and edit composition.

The rain (water) does not mix with oil... so it created these issues / problems / effects on the canvas

 The white spots are as a result of the rain... the oil paint would not stick to the canvas
Plein Air painting - or should I say - Painting in the Rain.

 The side walk is all wet. 
I turned the painting more vertical - to avoid  or reduce the rain from falling on to the surface.

 This week I do not have Isabelle (my daugther)
One week on - One week off.  Mondays are hard... she goes to her mother.
On the positive side.  I am not rushed to return home... So I can spend more time with the painting.

 if you look closely, you can see the rain drops on the painting

 It was raining pretty hard, but I was happy like a duck

 My friend Slava stopped by to say hello - he took this photo
The rain I think stopped around this time... not really sure.

 Photo taken by Slava

 building up the sky and the layers of the painting

 it was a very down and down day
The rain falls, the clouds fall, the sky is fall... crazy painter on the bridge.

 Finished Painting  - very happy with the end results.

 close up of painting

I was so happy with how this tree came out.
really this was a great moment for me. 
I was just so pleased... it was effortless.
it was not too hot, not too cold... said the little bear inside of me.
The paint brush and pigments just worked so nice.  It made my day.

I decided to keep some of the water rain damage in the painting
The process of the canvas... it is important. It is not as polished and as commercial.
but I feel it is best to keep art as art.  And in my heart this needed to remain.

 close up of painting

the fine detail of the flags...
the warmer weather makes it easier to paint a thin line.

just like the perspective of this section

getting ready to load up the painting into the back of my van

I decided to continue painting... so I completed the below painting.
Day 11,  two paintings completed

Sussex Drive. oil on canvas. 16 x 16 inches. March 11th, 2013. Price: $300.

When I returned home...
I had an email and a voice message from CBC Radio Alan Neale - All in A Day.  
Alan Neale and the team at CBC Radio has been so supportive over the years to me. 
I am not sure how many times I have been interviewed... but it has been many
Happy Dance... Big Smile.
I am singing in the Rain. hahaha

Live Love Art



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