Friday, March 8, 2013

March Painting Marathon - Day 8

March painting Marathon - Day 8
Short video at the end of Day 8
Well today was a pretty full day.  I have been so excited, and so pumped that I have been having a difficult time falling asleep.  So I was very tired and run down. 
Too much excitement. Just enjoying this March Painting Marathon too much. 
Joel Haslam - CTV News was covering the activities.  So today was filled with highlights.
For the first time the sky was blue.  For all the other times... it was pure winter, snow, cloudy, winter days.  But today the sunshine was out and shining.  So it was a pleasant change.
The paint was very soft, smooth, and juicy.  It was not cold and stiff like it had been all the other days since we arrived on location.

 The Canal (Day 8). oil on canvas. 24 x 36 inches. March 8th. 2013. Price: $1500.

 starting the paitning
getting the base of the sky in... foundation of the back drop.
starting to put in the transparent pigments, and the forms 

maping out the painting

 It was sunshine.. .but still pretty cold. 
The wind on the bridge is still open and exposed

 In all my years of being interviewed... I must say that Joel Haslam was top. 
He is such a decent, friendly, kind, easy going, gentlemen.
It was a real pleasure to be interviewed by him. 
 Another photo with CTV News
It will be presented next week sometime.  I will add a link soon.

 I really had to work hard and fast to get this painting completed.
The interview took much longer than expected....
and Metro News also showed up (unexpected) and also covered the activities.
I was in such a rush to pack up and get home to collect Isabelle from school... that I do not have decent close up photos of the painting... I will put date the site soon.
Live Love Art

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I am a Dreamer...

This morning I woke up before the sun. I was so excited to start the day.

I deeply enjoyed watching the day start. Hear the birds. My large bedroom window does not have curtains. I love the Sun.

I would have wished to kiss, love, start the day with a beautiful love. But I am happy to feel the freedom of myself.

It was such a pleasure to make my daughter breakfast, pack her lunch and take her to school.

Drove downtown to paint on location. The winter day was up and down. But it was really so incredible to feel the wind wash my face with cold air. It was a pure moment when snow flakes landed on my face and melted. It was simply a dream.

Patrick S Greene and I have been painting every day together since the start of the month. We are becoming really good friends. This is really a gift. Such a beautiful gift. We paint paintings on a bridge together. And we share the same energy, passion, inspiration.

Julie Oliver (photographer) from the Ottawa Citizen shows up on location to document the project for a newspaper article by Peter Simpson. So my art is being supported, appreciated, and shared with others. The wind continues to blow. And I feel like a bird.

In my heart my family and dear friends are healthy. Doing well. And we are safe. This is so good. Life is just simple and not major issues. Life is calm.

I finish my painting. I have managed to capture something that I feel satisfied with. So I drive home. I have a home, a door, walls, a bed, food, water... so I have a shower. Clean myself with clean warm water. I am able to adjust the water temperature to just the way I like it. Luxury. This never gets old.

I have some fresh strawberries... they taste so good. I only had to pay $2.99. For something so far away. It would be cheap at twice the price. And I am grateful.

So I go to get my daughter from her school. I drive in my Honda van. I have a car. I am so lucky. I can afford a car. A car. A fucking car. Great.

Isabelle has a smile. Gives me a hug. Wow. My heart warms. Nothing in this world compares.

We get home. My sister calls me. So nice to talk to her.

Spend some quality time with my daughter. Something that I cherish. Greatest thing in my life. Being a father is the most incredible joy I harvest in my heart. I might be a little crazy. But I would be insane not to recognize how fortunate I am to be Isabelle's Dad.

To treat myself to a night off cooking... I order Pho soup. Too easy. Sweet.

Isabelle has a bath. She loves it when I brush her hair. I am gentle and take my time. For I know that these moments are sacred and are truly what matters in life.

I read her a story. She fails asleep on my shoulder. Dream.

I am a Dreamer... I am blessed.

March Painting Marathon - Day 7

March Painting Marathon - Day 7

March 7th, 2013

It was a very up and down winter's day.  The sky changed dramatically, it started to snow, the wind had a blow to it.  I tried to soften my paint brush.  It was a good day painting outside. 

The snow was not as white as it was a few days ago.  And it feels like the winter is coming to an end soon.  So I feel really blessed to have managed to be so productive this week. I really love painting snow. You can really enjoy the abstraction of the white paint.. the texture of the paint.  I love the pure white nature of snow as a subject matter.  It is so calm. So pure. Bleach your mind. Clean your soul. It is just such a pleasure to fall like a snow flake into winter. 

thank you

Working on a painting - It starts to Snow

 The Canal. oil on canvas. 30 x 48 inches. March 7th, 2013. Price: $2000
 Starting a painting
I used two earth tone pigments: Raw Umber and Burnt Sienna. 

starting to add some blue transparent and foundation white  

I started to build up the structures and forms 

building up the layers of the painting
making sure it is open and painterly

 The weather changed a lot that day
up and down weather - really a winter day

 removing paint with palette knife and building up layers

photo of painting - process

working on the painting... putting thins in place
sometimes it is nice to see the development of a painting
more earth tones in transparent sections

it started to snow at this part of the day
the snow and clouds were falling... 
I tried to capture this in the way I handled the paint around the trees. 

process of the painting 

process of the painting - making sure the forms are all accurate and in proportion

I got really excited about this section of the painting while working on it. 
Love the freedom in the paint.  These are the elements that really excite me. 

keep working... must push forward
my hip, right side of my lower back was starting to hurt
the cold over the last week was starting to cramp, settle in
So from this point on... I just locked in and really painted to finish the work.

The Canal. oil on canvas. 30 x 48 inches. March 7th, 2013. Price: $2000 

close up of finished painting 

close up of finished painting  

 close up of finished painting
this section of the painting really turns me on
I love the way the paint abstracts, tender, soft, free, floats, falls across the canvas.
Live Love Art
thank you

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Plein Air painting - March 5th (night). Day 5 of March painting Marathon

Hearts, Strawberries, Bunny Rabbits for Breakfast.
Isabelle is sick.  She is staying home from school. 
  There is only so much Care Bears,
My Little Pony,
and kids cartoons. 
Hell o, Hello.
But really... I will have to take a personal day off March painting Marathon.
There are just somethings that come first. I might be a crazy, intense, passionate artist.
But today is cuddles, laughter, and soup.
Last night I hired a baby sitter.  Isabelle was asleep. So I worked at night. 
I had a difficult time.  I was really trying to push myself.
In the past I have painted more controlled works.
Below is an earlier work.

King Edward and Rideau at 4 am.  oil on linen. 36 x 46 inches. April 17 - 18th 2005 - SOLD
But Last night I was really trying to push myself in a new direction. 
Less is more, I am bored.
I wear my sun glasses at night. I paint in the dark.
Must laugh at myself. Everything is temporary.
It does not matter if I fail. I can push mud. I can make a mess.
Scrapped, removed so much paint.. it was insane.... about one litre... 5 large tubes of paint... wasted.
Must crack a few eggs to make breakfast. And in the end what we eat we shit.

Experiments, push myself.  Try something new, develop, try something different. 

I am not a monkey with a palette. I am not a gallery artist that repeats a series of paintings to sell. 
So last night was a challenge.  I was really doing my best.  The sky kept changing dramatically.
And in the end... I am excited about this work. 
I was so so exhausted, tired at the end of the night.  I half cleaned myself. Did not shower. 
In the morning I woke up like a Smurf.  Blue paint all over my face.
Smile... those crazy artiste
Live Love Art

short video of painting on location
 Finished painting by in studio.
Canal (night). oil on canvas. 28.5 x 48.5 inches. March 5th. 2013. Price: $1800
Patrick John Mills

 documenting the process of the painting (stages)

 Patrick S. Greene and Marc Casault
also working - artists all painting together
 documenting the process of the painting (stages)
 Artist - Marc Casault working

 documenting the process of the painting (stages)

 working on the painting

 working on the painting
 close up of working on painting
need a flash next time

 working on the painting
 documenting the process of the painting (stages)

 documenting the process of the painting (stages)

 finished painting on location

finished painting on studio floor 

 close up of painting
 close up of painting
close up of painting

 Next morning... took the painting out in the street to take a photo of it.

 close up of painting
close up of painting

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Canal - Day ONE. March Painting Marathon

Day One - March Painting Marathon.

March 1st, 2013.  
Short Video of painting on location
The Canal. oil on canvas. 24 x 36 inches. March 1st. 2013. Price: $1500.
 close up of painting

close up of painting

close up of painting
Stages of the painting 

blank canvas - time to work 

photo of the location before starting 
starting the painting - earth tones, transparent pigments

 The weather changes so suddenly - sun behind a cloud
 detail comes out of chaos. 
 make a mess and clean it up