Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Painting Marathon - Day 13

March Painting Marathon - Day 13

I have been completely obessed with this March Painting Marathon.  I have had problems sleeping.  Most nights I sleep 4 hours.  I wish I could sleep more... but my mind is just so electric. 

My hip hurts ( lower right side).. from standing still bent over outside in the cold.  So I am making a point of going swimming to try to keep strong and healthy.  Tonight I will also go in the hot tub to try to relax.

I have had to change when I drink water.  As I do not wish to stop painting while on location (bathroom)... so I drink a lot of tea while at home.  And try to not drink so much during the day.

a very short film - Snow Storm

The Canal. Oil on canvas. 38 x 78 inches. March 13th. 2013. Price: $3000

 Blank Canvas  - get ready to paint

Snow Storm... Sweet
just starting the painting  - placing transparent pigments and maping out perspective

 Putting down a foundation for the Sky and building up the painting

this is 1 of 3 palettes I used... I used around 15 - 20 large tubes of paint on this one work

Building up the painting

 really love the process of painting 

just wished to share the process involved in making this painting

 when is a painting done... sometimes I feel the half way point is the best
the process of the painting

detail comes out of structure and form

I just love painting
stages of the painting... the weather was really all over the map.

 film crew...

film crew and painting

close up of painting

The Snow Storm just came in really fast.
I worked so hard and fast to get some major elements / details completed. 
It was crazy.  Still can not believe that I managed to finish this painting.

Snow Storm... crazy... managed to complete the painting
and get out of there just in time.
I spent under 60 seconds working on the painting back at my studio.

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Shannon Lee said...

I saw the storm arriving mid-afternoon from the 19th floor of an apartment building.

We went from warm blue skies to driving snow. It was amazing... and you were out in it!

Thank goodness, you saved the painting!