Sunday, March 18, 2012

Quit Your Job. Become a Drug Addict. NOT!

 Everyone is getting ready for the next show, Quit Your Job.

While we continue to enjoy the current show, I have Issues, you'll note that the two themes have something in common.

Many people have issues with their jobs, with the way their lives are going...or not going. Would it be fair to say that more than a few would like to chuck it all and do what they want to? And in some cases, this would be art or music or poetry. No one quits their job to become a wage-slave of a different stripe.

And if the Quirky B. pop art keyboard above suggests that some people quit  their jobs because they've turned to drugs, this could be so but probably not. You don't necessarily quit work due to bad habits. Could be a factor but to follow your dream takes focus and courage and application; drugs and booze are not known for providing much of this.

The above board is fashioned from items provided in the City of Ottawa's Crack Kit, a controversial initiative that is euphemistically called, harm-reduction.

This is one of several Quirky B's that will be included in Quit Your Job which opens Thursday, April 5, 2012.
For the first time since I started creating pop art keyboards four years ago, I am pleased to announce that limited edition prints of a selection of the boards, framed or unframed, will be available. 

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