Thursday, December 18, 2014

Color Theory - Oil Painting techniques - Abstract Artist Patrick John Mills

Color Theory - Oil Painting techniques - Abstract Artist Patrick John Mills

Color Theory  -  Oil Painting techniques 

International Award Winning Painter / Poet / Artist  - Patrick John Mills

Talks about oil painting color theory in a fresh unique manner.

Artist Patrick John Mills talks about his recent abstract oil painting in his artist studio.  He talks about color, understands color, and the relationship he has with color... He talks about oil painting techniques, and the process involved in making the abstract oil painting. 

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Sparks Street - En Plein Air. Winter Painting - Outside

En Plein Air - Sparks Street (Ottawa, Canada)

I worked on this painting for seven days over a week and a half period.

The painting or the size of the canvas is 4 x 5 feet.

This is my trailer... I built a box, shelving unit.  This way I can transport several paintings. 

Painting En Plein Air on Sparks Street.  

It was -21 degree this day
it was very windy... so I put some wooden palettes 
on the base of the easel to stabilize the painting

here is a photo of the location

Day One --- showing up is half the battle

detail of finished painting

detail of finished painting

Arts - Ottawa Citizen... painting in a Snow Storm on Sparks Street

 short video on location

I decided to start painting landscapes again... after painting in my studio and working on abstract paintings... Well I felt it was time to get out and paint.

I wish to share the creative process with people.  I wished to share how hard I work... and how being an artist is about working and making art.  So I approached the Sparks Street Team. They were very open to my idea. So it was time to paint and do paintings of Sparks Street.

Thank you Julie Oliver (photographer of The Ottawa Citizen) for your warm, kind, support.

Live Love Art

Patrick John Mills


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Abstract Painting with Form and Structure

Inner Core.  oil on canvas. 6 x 8 inches. 2014.  SOLD

Wished to talk about this painting. 

The internal form. 
A cross.
An I beam.  Building a dream. An architecture of the soul. 
An internal compass.
A freedom on self.
a release 
a spinal cord
navigation. north, south, east, west
the expansion of the body and mind
inner light, cold white winter bones.
two x three mathematics
find a home 
with no house
a bird nest has no roof
no walls 
warm embrace 
alone and centered
balance breaking out off the edges of the space
an optimistic friendship 
a portrait of a soul. 

thank you for taking the time to read this.