Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March Painting Marathon - Day 12 (Night - Rain)

March Painting Marathon - Day 12 (Night - Rain)
Posted this on Facebook...
Can not sleep... have been trying to fall back into a dream for over an hour... But my mind is just too awake. (4:32am)
So I am going to go out painting... when I logged on to the computer... Patrick S. Greene emailed me... So we are going to go out painting... Time to get my pants on, and go paint. I will be on location in about 30 mins. I am hoping to to be on location before the light appears.
New socks and underwear... same cloths. hahaha
short video of the painting experience
So I drove out to Bells Corner to collect Patrick S Greene.  he was ready.  So we drove down town.  It was raining pretty hard.  We talked about the effects water has on oil and acrylic... Patrick S Greene says, "it is a good thing we are not using water colours... we would be F#$%!"  We both laughed really hard. 

Sussex Drive. (fragile night, feathered mind)
oil on canvas. 30 x 38 inches. March 12th, 2013. Price: $1200

getting ready to paint... blank canvas 

starting to paint... or make a mess 

Patrick S. Greene is there working hard and I have my equipment out door studio

It was raining really hard... and the water on the canvas was a real issue
so used a plastic wrapped canvas to use help protect the painting from the rain

just another photo of painting on location

photo of my set up and van on the bridge

this shows the canvas I used to protect the painting from the rain

keep working... push forward 

finished painting  (the photo is very white washed)

close up of painting

close up of painting

close up of painting
Live Love Art

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Patrick S.Greene said...

That night I believe will be imprinted in our minds, as the a night of friendship and mild craziness of two Artists with a passion and talent for what we do!

Patrick S. Greene