Friday, March 25, 2016

Cops - Police - Artists

Cops - Police – Artists

A few days ago I found myself stuck in a 45 minute traffic jam on the Queen's Way. Only to see that an OPP (police car) had pulled over a car in the center island (left lane). I was around 8:30 am on a Thursday morning.

I could not believe that a police officer could be so fucking stupid. 1000 + plus people must have been late for work. This is not the first time I have seen such stupid acts by the police. Sadly this kind of occurrence has happened more times than I would like to share.

I have a drug dealer who lives on my street. He has lost his nose and his ears from doing too much drugs. I was told that some drugs he is addicted to are extended by rat poison / d-wormer and a small percentage of individuals have an allergic reaction. This explains why my drug addict / drug dealer neighbor has no noise and ears. This drug dealer is breaking into countless cars and doing endless illegal acts to support his addiction. I have called the police a few times relating issues connected to this individual. The police confess the holes in the system. This drug dealer has hundreds of small crimes. Nothing changes. And the cycle continues and repeats itself.

I am an artist. I am a painter. I have lived and worked in Ottawa for 11 years. I have had the police stop and ask me questions over 90 times. In the last three months the police have stopped me 11 times. I have been asked for my driver's license, date of birth, home address. I am asked such questions as: What are you doing? Why are you doing that here? Why are you not doing that at your home in your basement?

Is it not perfectly clear that I am an artist. My cloths are covered in paint. I have tons of art materials. Brushes, Canvases. Really is it not abundantly obvious what I am doing? I am not selling anything. I refuse donations. I am there to paint. To embrace the location and the beauty of the elements

Why am I being stopped and questioned by the police so much? I believe we as a community do not encourage and support creative people enough. Imagine if we had artists dancing, singing, performing, sharing, giving, communicating their gifts and talents. I think Our City, Our Home, Our Community would be so much more beautiful.

Just think about how amazing it would be to walk around the city... stop and listen to live music. Look at artists working creating art. Tourists and residents would be more likely to to enjoy Ottawa. It is my view that City Hall nickles and dimes us too much. Too many rules. Too many permits. It is too complicated. Things need re-structuring.

I can not count how many art galleries have closed in the past 5 – 7 years, but it is over 20 art galleries. Why are things structured the way they are? Who cares if the guy singing on the street corner has a permit or not? When I go to the Chip Wagon... do I really think that the owner is paying taxes on half of the money he pockets?

I would love to see too many artists on the streets... that is a problem I welcome.

Live Love Arts

Patrick John Mills