Thursday, December 12, 2013

Moving forward... Lot for Sale

Moving Forward.
Sometimes walls present themselves. So you have to find ways to continue. 
The City of Ottawa forced me to close the gallery... In short... I had too many people coming to the gallery and failed to confine myself to the at home business rules and regulations. 

My 18 year relationship / marriage ended six months before the gallery was forced to shut.  So I was dealing with a lot.

With losing the gallery... I lost my business and source of income.  I had a 3700 square foot home... that was a big elephant.  Immediately I decided to convert my home in to a duplex.  That way I could afford to stay here and not bleed.  And it would turn this elephant into an investment property.  So later down the road I would increase my number of rental units.  Currently I have 4 rental incomes. 
I spent two plus months converting the building into a duplex.  I built a bathroom and a kitchen downstairs where the main gallery space was.. And in two and a half months I managed to rent the downstairs out. 
I took a year off to focus on life, love and art.  So I enjoyed painting. Spending time with a beautiful woman (now together for 9 months), did many paintings, and spent quality time with my daughter. I also built her a really nice play house in the back yard. 
Once I stabilized my home and heart.  It was time to push forward with my dreams.  Art Gallery... Art Space. 
Money... need money to make this dream.
The gallery property has a double lot.  If I remove a section of the house. And clear one of the two lots... I can sell the land. So it was time to demolish a large section of the property. 
See below images.

 this was not enjoyable

 All the electrical was in the old section of the building
So all the electrical panels had to be replaced and moved.   

one of the many electrical upgrades

I used a few basic tools to cut up and remove the house. 
This took two plus months.
But it save me about twenty thousand dollars to do this work myself rather than hire a company. 


If you see the large wood pile in the back of the photo
I put an add on the internet... Free Wood
14 large loads were collected by people.
They used the lumber to burn to heat their homes. 
And it saved me from taking it to the dump... and save me money.

It was a rush to get the project completed before the snow and cold settled in. 
But it all got done and done.

Once I sell the vacant lot... I will some funds to work with... and find a new location for the gallery.
If you know a developer, real estate agent, individual or family that wishes to build their dream home in Hintonburg...... As a PRIZE... I will give YOU (+ plus one guest)
FREE admission to the gallery for LIFE.
VIP membership to the gallery, all the parties, and all the events for free for life.
So please help Art. Please help me Dream. 
one of the gallery openings.