Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Painting Marathon - Day 15 (night painting).

March Painting Marathon - Day 15  (night painting).

This video is filmed on locaiton.  It was very cold. I was so cold and exhausted that my comments lack much insight.  But perhaps that factor is the information that best expresses the moment.
Live Love Art
The Canal.
Oil on canvas. 2 x 3 feet. March 15th. 2013. Price $1500
close up of Peace Tower (detail of painting)

close up of painting (detail of Parliament)

close up of painting  (detail)
 close up of painting

close up of painting (detail)

Stating the painting
really love the first marks of a work 

Starting a painting   

 starting to build up the sky

 Finished painting on location

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Patrick ! This one is very intense .