Friday, February 1, 2013

Abstract Red Painting - Painting Art in my Studio

Painting Art in my Studio - Abstract Red Paintings

For many years I have painted with out a heated studio. Over the past twenty years.  70 % of my studio or painting conditions have been without heat.  So I am so happy to have a wood burning stove in my studio.  Wow.  It really is nice to be warm in the winter while working.  Really makes a significant increase in comfort level.  The heat is warmly welcomed.

This morning I was painting with intense focus, passion, rawness, love, flood of energy.  I had such an overwhelming heart beat in my soul and high level of concentration... well I managed to complete four paintings.  I had been working on these canvases for many months. I had tried several times to complete these canvases for the best part of a year. But failed each time.

But today everything just seemed to find itself pure and filled with passion. 

I am happy to share the images of the paintings below.

Patrick John Mills

Patrick John Mills

Inner Fire.  Oil on canvas. 8 x 10 inches (small painting)
Spring 2012 - Feb 1st 2013.   Price: $120
Patrick John Mills

After painting the three Red and Black paintings titled: Inner Fire.

I was so free in my palette... I continued to paint this below painting. It was really pure freedom.

Improvisation (lost). oil on canvas. 12 x 24 inches. Fall - Feb 1st 2013. Price: $260

Patrick John Mills

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