Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring 2012 - Paintings - Patrick John Mills

 Hold Her (missing Isabelle). oil on canvas. 42 x 64 inches. Spring 2012. Price: $3400.

 painting in backyard of studio

The Conversation. oil on canvas. 14 x 19 inches. Spring 2012. Price: $300

 Primary Soul. oil on canvas. 40 x 60 inches. Spring 2012. Price: $3400

cropped image of painting 

Story Time (wishing to read a story to Isabelle).
oil on canvas. 38 x 52 inches. Spring 2012. Price: $2800

For a month I worked on this painting. I was doing a study of Jean - Honore Fragonard. Le Verrou

I was painting the layers and building up the spaces and forms.  I was thinking about Howard Hodgkin and Frank Auerbach.  It was Easter Sunday. Isabelle was at her Mother's house. I put chocolate Easter eggs and special gifts around the house. My little Easter Bunny come to collect the treats on Monday not Sunday.

I made a smoothy for breakfast. My mind was blowing into pigments. I could feel specific colours floating in my mind. While I was working in my studio everything started to flow.  So I simply used the canvas I was working on (study of Jean - Honore Fragonard. Le Verrou)
as a foundation for Story Time.

Untitled. 5.5 x 10 inches. oil on canvas. Spring 2012. Price: $120

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Anonymous said...

This series is fascinating... I've followed your production for a while these are my favorite paintings of all. Lots of Monet but you made them yours!