Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wake Up - Mathieu Laca - Time to Paint

Owning and Running a gallery is a joy.

I live and work at home. The gallery is filled with paintings. Every wall has art. It is great. Currently the gallery is filled with approximately 500 plus paintings.

To live with so many paintings is pretty intense. Mathieu Laca's art is always in the gallery. So I constantly have his paintings around me.

In the last weeks I have reclaimed my home and started to paint in my kitchen. I leave some paints, palette, brushes out... Time to Paint. It is fun. I simply love painting.

Mathieu Laca's art work has been in my home / gallery almost every month for a year. I really feel so blessed to be surrounded by his work. So to see so many paintings with the penis in them... well I feel inspired. As Tom Cruise would say... "Respect the COCK!" So I decided to include a penis in a painting I completed last night. Why not. Life is Joy. Life is Fun. Laca is Art. And his paintings inspire me. Not because they have include the penis. But because they are freedom of expression. They do not ask you for permission. They are what they are. Bold and extremely well painted.

Freedom of Expression.

Thank you Laca for your Art.



Anonymous said...

I am so happy to have his work in my bathroom to remind me of the edge's and peace in the eye of the storm.

Mathieu Laca said...

Great work Patrick! I'm so happy to see that you've reconnected with the intense joy of painting. Isn't it wonderful? To create with no boundaries? It's just like making love. I never did drugs. Why? I paint.

Meeting you has been a turning point in my life. I don't know anybody as open and generous. Sharing my art with you is among the most profound joys I ever lived.

Thanks a lot for sharing this post. I'll share my recent work very soon too.