Thursday, April 12, 2012


Intimacy.  9 .5 x 10 inches. oil on canvas. 2012. Price: $240.

This morning I made Isabelle a really nice breakfast.  Made her lunch. Got her on the school bus.

I made myself a breakfast... got an email from Maria. She said she was working from home and wished to visit me around noon. 

My boss told me to Quit my Job. So I packed up my car. Load up my paints. And drove to try to find a location.  It was my intention to paint in a park.   But the roads in Hull are rather confusing to me.  So I landed at this location in some wierd way.

So I parked the car.. and got ready to paint.

I had a great time painting... it was a pleasure working with the oil paint.

 Hull. oil on canvas. 28 x 36 inches. April 12. 2012. Price:$1400.
Patrick John Mills

This painting is very textured and the photo of this painting is very lame. 


I put the HULL painting in the back of the car.  And kept painting. 

Here is my art studio.  April 12. 2012.

This painting is inspired by Maria.  I was thinking about her while painting this work. This painting just happened. I was not really thinking. It just painted itself.

I was thinking about holding her. The landscape. The changing of seasons. Everyday is a new day. 

Later that day Maria showed me some flowers. Wow. What a beautiful gift.

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