Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rough colour studies

Somewhat crude and imperfect but essential for capturing the mood and essence of the ever-changing Canadian landscape...  There was a short thaw season this year (one of my favourite painting seasons) so I’m somewhat sad to see it go and a tad leery of the wall of green to come.  Here are a few recent colour oil sketches (10”x8” to 11”x14”) of early spring.  I deliberately kept the small ones as loose and impressionistic as I could in order to retain the maximum feeling of the scene.  My hope is to make these all into larger paintings.  A 36x30 is already in progress.

The following two paintings are of a ‘volatile weather’ series that I was working on pitched in an attempt to portray the radically shifting weather patterns that we are experiencing more and more.  They are on display at Patrick’s...

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