Monday, July 9, 2012

Gallery Closed... but still Smiling. A Push Forward... Live LOVE ART

Two weeks ago today I found out that The City of Ottawa - Zoning closed my gallery.

Well they did not entirely close me.  But they restrict my operations to one individual at a time. One person at a time. Well that seems pointless to me. No art openings. No meet the artists. Cage.  So I decided it would be best to move on.

I never thought that The City of Ottawa had such power.  Feels like Big Brother ByLaw.

This is particularly hard news. I lost my source of income.  I now have a 3700 square foot house to live in that I can not afford. And it seems pointless to have such a massive property that does not service my needs.

So rather than sit around.  Time to move forward.

My home / gallery / property is a double lot.  Lot 144 & Lot 145.  I have decided to sell one of the lots.

The lot is 33 x 100 feet.  I will have to remove part of the building.  And move the electrical panels.

When the lot sells I will use the funds to put a deposit on another property and find a new location for a gallery.  It was my hope and intention to live in this property for another ten years. I wanted my daughter Isabelle to grow up in this neighborhood. Have her friends, live close to her school.  

For the past five years I have worked very hard to develop the gallery.  A lot of renovations were done. The 103 ton Sculpture Garden.... Feels wrong.  Just feels wrong that three people (unknown) can complain and I am forced to one person at a time.  Too many people came to my events and openings... so I am forced to close.  Unreal.

Well here I am.  Time to move forward. Time to turn lemons into lemonade.

This week I started to convert the house into a duplex rental property.  So time to break out the power tools.

The first thing I did was remove the custom made sink I made with the rocks I collected along the Ottawa River with my mother.  It was important to me to cut the heart out of the space first... so I could move forward to do the job as a task.  

Jack Stekelenburg (friend and sculptor) was so kind. He came to help me. He or we framed the walls / space for a bathroom.  

While taking out the contractor bags of garbage my neighbor smiled... And before I even really started construction. The gallery rented for September 1st. Now I just have to do all the work to get it ready. But that should not be a problem.  I have done such work before.  And I have two months to build a bathroom and a kitchen.  

If everything goes as planned. I will sell half the lot. Get enough funds to put a deposit on a property downtown in the market (better location). I will have turned my current home into a duplex rental property, and I already have a triplex down the street. 

So I have to look at all these events as a bump / push.  A lot of work...but in the future I feel confident that everything will be even better.

Live Love Art


Carmel Art Gallery on Bank Street has over 20 paintings available.

A Modern Space has ten new new works (delivered last week - some paintings still soft / wet) 
1116 Wellington Street West. 613 295 4256.

Orange Art Gallery will be showing my paintings.  Will be walking over some paintings to their gallery this week.  


Christophe said...

Good luck moving on, let us know when you open the next space, we'll be there.

Chantal said...

Patrick, you're awesome and wonderful, and we all have so much love and respect for you that you're taking this like such a champ. I know you won't ever lose sight of that! You've touched so many people with your energy, your space, your art, and your soul! Keep at it! Life will always work out for giving people like you!

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration!!! Nothing will get in your way as long as the fire is on!!! this is just the beginning of something even greater.... warm regards from an emerging artist in Toronto!