Friday, February 15, 2013

Update - Live Love Art

Last night I attended the Artistika :  Love Art Party


So many individuals were asking me, "Patrick, what is happening with the gallery?"

Well, here is the update. 

Last June 2012. The City of Ottawa forced me to shut due to zoning issues. Well. they did not force me to shut. But they said that I must operate my at home business within the guidelines.  Essentially that meant only ONE person attending my home at a time.  And if they received a complaint I would not get a warning, but rather I would be fined from the Province ($5,000 - $10,000).  They were very clear.  I could not host events.  Not even have Let's Talk Art (20 or so people listening to an artist present their work), I could not have Theatre Nights inside the gallery, no more art openings, and hell, no more art parties. 

So I closed the gallery. I took 5 - 6 days off to absorb the news. And then I started to renovate my home into a duplex. The 3,700 square foot property was not something I could afford to live in.  Having the gallery close... meant I lost my job.  I lost my business.  It was really hard news.  I knew I had to move forward. And fast.... I spent $15,000 on materials at Home Depot, built a bathroom, kitchen, and converted the gallery into a rental unit.  So I worked for 2 1/2 months.  And a tenant moved on September 1st.

Stage One - convert property into duplex.  Rented.   Done.

Next I had to earn money.  I was really broke.  Spending all that money to convert by home into a duplex, Work for basically 3 months with no income.  My Mother sent me $5,000 as a gift. And that was very kind. Still I was really screwed.  Thank you Art.... I managed to sell some paintings.  I sold some paintings overseas, some United States, and a couple here in Ottawa.   

I was still pretty broke. I lost my business. I had not worked a full time job in 15 plus years, not worked for anyone but myself for 10 years. I have not had a job... but I work.  I work very hard. My life was in more crisis... My marriage was broken. At that time we had been separated for over a year. And my ex-wife called the banks. It was time to apply to assume the mortgages. Really bad timing. And it was extremely stressful. I was in a position of extreme vulnerability. I might be forced,  if declined... might be forced to sell my home. So I had to get all my taxes, mortgage application together.

It took another 3 months to have all the paper work from the banks and lawyers signed and approved. I was approved for both my Hinchey property (gallery), and my rental investment property down the street (where my studio is).  Not really sure how I how I managed this without a job. But with all the equity, my high credit score, and the four rental incomes. Well, I got the green light. 

Stage Two - both properties titles and mortgages were transfered into my name.  Done.

Stage Three  - settle the separation agreement (19 months) and file the divorce papers.  Done.

Stage Four -  apply to the City of Ottawa to demolish a section of my property.   Done.

Stage Five - list on MLS Lot 145  for Sale - Done

Stage Six - I have to apply to the City of Ottawa to sever my Hinchey property. The lot is a double lot.  66 x 100 feet.  So I have to apply to the Committee of Adjustments to divide the lots. So next week I will be calling a surveyor, lawyers, and proceeding.... Moving Forward.
Sage Seven  - Andrew (future bussiness partner) and I have been meeting for the past month to discuss and develop the business model, permitts, vision of the gallery.  We have a specific location in mind.... Moving Forward.

In short... It is taking some time...everything is moving forward.  The last year and a half has not been easy.  I have had some deep sadness.  But my heart is on fire... and I am so passionate about the future. 

Currently, I am painting. 

Next month. I am doing March Painting Marathon

I am enjoying the time off from the gallery. Well at least that is what I say to myself.  It is nice to have a break from putting up thousands of posters. 

I anticipate being in a position to purchase a new location in about one year.  I just have to sell my Lot. I am prepared to also sell my investment property down the street.  Fuck it... Life is short... I want to Dream Big.  And if it all falls apart... I can say... Wow.  That was a Great. But this time I will talk to the City, my lawyer, and experts in the field. Keep Smiling.

Live Love Art



joaaa said...

Keep that fire burning Patrick! And thanks for being so open to sharing your challenges and try-umps !

Shannon Lee said...

It's all fabulous! You are doing great! We are all doing great!

Good luck with everything!

Viktorina Savelieva said...

Hi Patrick
I am so happy to find you again.
I wish you luck in everything!
Best regards