Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Chapter - Headache

Head in head. oil on fame and plywood. Summer 2005 Price: $1100
Painting by Patrick John Mills.

In 2006 New Chapter
approached me about using one of my painting images on their products.  Sure why not.  They sent me some money. A very large gift basket.  Very kind.   The above product is available all over the world.  Just wanted to say thank you to New Chapter for all their help.    

I have never shown this painting.  Next month  I will be putting in on exhibition in the gallery for QUIT YOUR JOB exhibition. 

The colours I choose for this painting were warm and cool colours. Passion and fire in the heart. Saddness in the Mind. Trying to not think too much. And the little voice inside your head keeps talking.

New Chapter

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Christophe said...

Visibility all over the world is nice, money is nice, gift baskets are nice.