Saturday, March 17, 2012

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Gedney Park (Chappaqua) - February 2012.

I visit my friend Alex and his family in New York.  I go across the street and painting in the park. 

The sky was clear blue. An invisible force was holding me up and pushing me around.

Like a kite I was suspended in the open air. The string held me. I danced around the sky.

A spectrum of colours filtered inside my mind.

Without noticing I was free. The string had vanished, all the walls had disappeared.

I embraced and enjoyed the moment. It was so pure.

The painting was painting itself. I was just a kite blowing around in the sky.

All my colours, all my feathers started to fall off my wings.

I was falling, so free, falling, falling into my canvas.

When the painting was finished. I was exhausted. All my feathers were gone.

I was naked, tender, birth, vunerable, raw, open, a child.

The gentle wind and sunshine warmed my soul.

I sat on the wet grass in the park.

Sunshine Soul. Oil on canvas. 32 x 40 inches. Feb 2012. Price: $2400

I was compelled to get out of bed. 4:55 am.
Everything was night.
I put my cloths on. Went out into the garage.
Red Dreams
Dreaming in Red
Red in my blood
Love Blood Dreams
Never Sleep
Live Every Breathe
Kiss your Soul.

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