Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is inside my Soul

Inside my Studio. oil on canvas. 32 x 60 inches. Spring 2011. Price: $2800

I just came back from my studio. It was the first time I had been in there since my wife and I separated. We had been together for 17 years.  I had not been in my studio since October.  Four and a half months later.  I went back into my studio 20 mins ago.

Fuck me. 

The energy in that space was intense.  What a shit hole.

It is time to really change the energy of that space. 

My soul needs sunshine in that creative space. 

Inside my soul there is a window to new. 

My time in New York with Alex and painting in Gedney Park has been a rainbow. 

Now it is time to enter back into my studio. 

For the past four and a half months I have been painting outside in parks, down town Ottawa in the winter, at my kitchen table, inside the gallery.... next I go back in my studio down the street from my home and gallery. 

I will have to clean out that space. And put up all blank white canvases.

Next month is Quit Your Job  exhibition.  I am going to paint the gallery walls and floor.  Clean fresh. Pure White.  Bleach my Mind.

Spring is inside my Soul.

Time to hold the rainbow and shine.

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