Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Group of Ottawa Seven al Fresco

Yes, seven intrepid artists set up in the square at Laurier L'Esplanade in Ottawa, this being at a major intersection, Bank and Laurier, and we spent most of the day creating art.

While not as bitterly cold as the first time we did this, when it started to snow and the four of us were not as well dressed as what we might have been, this time, we were, for the main part, prepared. A winter thaw has graced Ottawa so the sidewalks are bare and dry, and today, the sun shone to warm our faces and paint brushes.

People following the gallery on Facebook are getting used to these flash au-plein-air paint-athons and better at responding. One evening, Patrick put out an APB and he was the only one who showed, most people having tucked away their computers for the night. But today, Patrick G, Carmella, Will, Edward, and Zander joined Patrick John and me, some of us putting in a full workday, roughly 9:00 am to mid-afternoon.
 Here's a bit of a photo essay of what transpired.

Will brought a portable easel as did Edward and Patrick.
Carmela's work attracted onlookers.
Patrick G. surveying his subject matter.
Will applying layer after layer.

People soon lost themselves in the intensity of  work.
Will doing some fine outlining.

Edward's easel is high-tech and very stable.
Patrick Mills, standing, Zander in red, and Will seated.
Will's work post-noon.

Will's painting started the first au plein air session.
Shannon made a sign promoting the upcoming vernissage.


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Patrick John Mills said...

The effort of this activity is to try to build an arts community. To get the gallery outside the walls.

To have artists move out of their studio. Work and be seen together.

Please join the Patrick John Mills Facebook page... and I will invite artists to all join to paint together. It would be so amazing to all paint outside together. Imagine 50 plus artists all painting on location.