Monday, January 9, 2012

Hate Me... Love Me... I LOVE YOU.

Yesterday Morning I had the pleasure of waking up to see approximately 20 I LOVE YOU posters ripped up and thrown on my front lawn.

It is great. Even if I put up I LOVE YOU... I piss people off. Wow. I smile.

Later that day I had someone drop off 20 plus old picture frames, a gift. I smile.

Life is great. Art is Art. And I LOVE YOU.

I am going to go down town and poster tonight. It is not too cold. So I have to take advantage of the warmer weather. It is so important to promote and market. And it works. Every month over a thousand people visit the gallery. That is so beautiful.

This individual who really hates me... well I only feel victory. It is great.

Today 6 out of the 20 artists delivered paintings for the I LOVE YOU show. And together we will work collectively and market this art show. 2100 posters this month will be put up all over the city. I can not think of a better, more powerful way to promote the I LOVE YOU art exhibition. It only warms my blood to think of just how much this is pissing this fucked up asshole off. Hahahaha.

Kiss my Art.
Open Bar... No Permits. Art Party every month.... Every Year I will print over ten thousand posters. And there is NOTHING you can do. So fuck you. hahahahaha.

Thank you
You inspire me.



Mathieu Laca said...

“To be incapable of taking one's enemies, one's accidents, even one's misdeeds seriously for very long—that is the sign of strong, full natures in whom there is an excess of the power to form, to mold, to recuperate and to forget (a good example of this in modem times is Mirabeau, who had no memory for insults and vile actions done him and was unable to forgive simply because he—forgot). Such a man shakes off with a single shrug many vermin that eat deep into others; here alone genuine 'love of one's enemies' is possible—supposing it to be possible at all on earth. How much reverence has a noble man for his enemies!—and such reverence is a bridge to love.—For he desires his enemy for himself, as his mark of distinction; he can endure no other enemy than one in whom there is nothing to despise and very much to honor! In contrast to this, picture 'the enemy' as the man of ressentiment conceives him—and here precisely is his deed, his creation: he has conceived 'the evil enemy,' 'the Evil One,' and this in fact is his basic concept, from which he then evolves, as an afterthought and pendant, a 'good one'—himself!”

― Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals/Ecce Homo

Shannon Lee said...

You know, I was driving along a busy Ottawa street downtown a couple of days ago and there was a lone poster, I Love You, tacked to a telephone pole.

It made me feel so good...and I smiled.

I hope everyone feels as I did at the moment of seeing I Love You, that someone cares.