Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Plein Air painting - March 5th (night). Day 5 of March painting Marathon

Hearts, Strawberries, Bunny Rabbits for Breakfast.
Isabelle is sick.  She is staying home from school. 
  There is only so much Care Bears,
My Little Pony,
and kids cartoons. 
Hell o, Hello.
But really... I will have to take a personal day off March painting Marathon.
There are just somethings that come first. I might be a crazy, intense, passionate artist.
But today is cuddles, laughter, and soup.
Last night I hired a baby sitter.  Isabelle was asleep. So I worked at night. 
I had a difficult time.  I was really trying to push myself.
In the past I have painted more controlled works.
Below is an earlier work.

King Edward and Rideau at 4 am.  oil on linen. 36 x 46 inches. April 17 - 18th 2005 - SOLD
But Last night I was really trying to push myself in a new direction. 
Less is more, I am bored.
I wear my sun glasses at night. I paint in the dark.
Must laugh at myself. Everything is temporary.
It does not matter if I fail. I can push mud. I can make a mess.
Scrapped, removed so much paint.. it was insane.... about one litre... 5 large tubes of paint... wasted.
Must crack a few eggs to make breakfast. And in the end what we eat we shit.

Experiments, push myself.  Try something new, develop, try something different. 

I am not a monkey with a palette. I am not a gallery artist that repeats a series of paintings to sell. 
So last night was a challenge.  I was really doing my best.  The sky kept changing dramatically.
And in the end... I am excited about this work. 
I was so so exhausted, tired at the end of the night.  I half cleaned myself. Did not shower. 
In the morning I woke up like a Smurf.  Blue paint all over my face.
Smile... those crazy artiste
Live Love Art

short video of painting on location
 Finished painting by in studio.
Canal (night). oil on canvas. 28.5 x 48.5 inches. March 5th. 2013. Price: $1800
Patrick John Mills

 documenting the process of the painting (stages)

 Patrick S. Greene and Marc Casault
also working - artists all painting together
 documenting the process of the painting (stages)
 Artist - Marc Casault working

 documenting the process of the painting (stages)

 working on the painting

 working on the painting
 close up of working on painting
need a flash next time

 working on the painting
 documenting the process of the painting (stages)

 documenting the process of the painting (stages)

 finished painting on location

finished painting on studio floor 

 close up of painting
 close up of painting
close up of painting

 Next morning... took the painting out in the street to take a photo of it.

 close up of painting
close up of painting

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