Thursday, March 7, 2013

I am a Dreamer...

This morning I woke up before the sun. I was so excited to start the day.

I deeply enjoyed watching the day start. Hear the birds. My large bedroom window does not have curtains. I love the Sun.

I would have wished to kiss, love, start the day with a beautiful love. But I am happy to feel the freedom of myself.

It was such a pleasure to make my daughter breakfast, pack her lunch and take her to school.

Drove downtown to paint on location. The winter day was up and down. But it was really so incredible to feel the wind wash my face with cold air. It was a pure moment when snow flakes landed on my face and melted. It was simply a dream.

Patrick S Greene and I have been painting every day together since the start of the month. We are becoming really good friends. This is really a gift. Such a beautiful gift. We paint paintings on a bridge together. And we share the same energy, passion, inspiration.

Julie Oliver (photographer) from the Ottawa Citizen shows up on location to document the project for a newspaper article by Peter Simpson. So my art is being supported, appreciated, and shared with others. The wind continues to blow. And I feel like a bird.

In my heart my family and dear friends are healthy. Doing well. And we are safe. This is so good. Life is just simple and not major issues. Life is calm.

I finish my painting. I have managed to capture something that I feel satisfied with. So I drive home. I have a home, a door, walls, a bed, food, water... so I have a shower. Clean myself with clean warm water. I am able to adjust the water temperature to just the way I like it. Luxury. This never gets old.

I have some fresh strawberries... they taste so good. I only had to pay $2.99. For something so far away. It would be cheap at twice the price. And I am grateful.

So I go to get my daughter from her school. I drive in my Honda van. I have a car. I am so lucky. I can afford a car. A car. A fucking car. Great.

Isabelle has a smile. Gives me a hug. Wow. My heart warms. Nothing in this world compares.

We get home. My sister calls me. So nice to talk to her.

Spend some quality time with my daughter. Something that I cherish. Greatest thing in my life. Being a father is the most incredible joy I harvest in my heart. I might be a little crazy. But I would be insane not to recognize how fortunate I am to be Isabelle's Dad.

To treat myself to a night off cooking... I order Pho soup. Too easy. Sweet.

Isabelle has a bath. She loves it when I brush her hair. I am gentle and take my time. For I know that these moments are sacred and are truly what matters in life.

I read her a story. She fails asleep on my shoulder. Dream.

I am a Dreamer... I am blessed.

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Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful
Thank you for sharing this
I smile because life is indeed full of beauty
And sometimes we forget
But the dreamers remind us
To slow down and take notice