Thursday, June 14, 2012

Capacity Crowd this Evening at Let's Talk Art

A capacity crowd of art aficionados filled the main hall at Patrick John Mills Gallery this evening for the fourth in the Let's Talk Art series that started two months ago.

This evening, Joa Keur explained his trajectory into the world of art and how he shifted from doing metal sculpture to working with multi-media, and how his spiritual and environmental-concern sides affect his work.

James Fletcher spoke about his foray into using porcelain slip to create a series he calls, Under the Covers, and spoke about how he made his first bronze sculpture which several people in the audience interpreted to be the tree of life with people scrambling over one another to get to the top.

Joa Keur explaining his technique used on an early work.
James Fletcher started and completed this sculpture, as yet to be named, over the past week.

James Fletcher, left, and Joa Keur fielded many questions from the animated audience.

Joa Keur in front of his art and holding his art.

James Fletcher, his first bronze sculpture above,
his art in front of him, and holding one of his
Under the Covers pieces.

Back yard stage is complete.

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