Monday, June 11, 2012

Coming This Thursday, Let's Talk Art

PATRICK JOHN MILLS GALLERY in the Heart of Hintonburg, Ottawa, ON 613 729-0406


NAKED! What did you say? I said, NAKED! Oh, I thought you said Naked. I did say NAKED!
The gallery's monthly show for June is called NAKED NAKED NAKED.
As owner, Patrick John Mills says, it's not necessarily about flesh and nudity. It is about the baring of one's artistic soul, about showing and telling all.
NAKED NAKED NAKED's successful vernissage was the first Thursday of the month and it is being followed by our second Thursday of the month event, Let's Talk Art .
Featured artists will be sculptor, James Fletcher, and multi-media artist, Joa Keur.
Sculptor James Fletcher is formerly from Ottawa but he now lives and sculpts in Vancouver, BC. There are more than 30 sculptures on display and one in the front yard of the gallery which he started last week and will be completing over this week.
Joa Keur is a multi-media master of colour and texture. Hie works are three-dimensional, many of them encrusted with mica and fibres and other items which makes you continually want to ask, "That's beautiful! What is it and how did you do that?
Meet these two remarkable artists on Thursday, June 14, 2012.
A question/answer session follows their presentations.
Additional information:

James Fletcher Carves in Front of Patrick John Mills' Gallery

James Fletcher discusses his sculpting technique.

Bronze sculpture by James Fletcher.

Multi-media art by Joa Keur

You won't want to miss this exciting event at Patrick John Mills Gallery. Two artists up front at once.
Let's Talk Art Thursday, June 14, 2012 7:00 pm sharp until 8:00 pm
Afterwards, you are welcome to tour the gallery and talk to the owner and to other artists who will be in attendance.
Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

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