Sunday, June 17, 2012

Photos from Oh-So Naked Naked Naked Art Party

One of two fire-throwers.
If you were in Ottawa last evening and missed the Art Party at Patrick John Mills Gallery, you missed a lot. It was a little bit of Greenwich Village with a tad of Soho added. Overheard by someone enjoying delicious vegetarian pasta in the upstairs kitchen, "This is Ottawa's best-kept secret!" Watch for more scintillating photos in tomorrow's blog! (Please click on any photo to enlarge.)
Patrons came eclectically dressed.

Reprising the sixties with body art.

Line-up for the upstairs washroom, a social  happening!

Life drawing in the living room.
Bold Daniel's photos from a naked group photo shoot that took place at the gallery earlier in the week.

Dane Atkinson's inimitable style.
The Sin Sisters were present.

The new stage all-aglow.
Beautiful sounds emitting forth.

A contemplative game of chess in a discrete corner of the gallery.

Patrick S. Greene's stylized nudes.
Best hair of the evening.

Multi-media work by Patrick S. Greene.

One of the fighting Irish?

A wall devoted to Sculptor James Fletcher's Under the Covers series.

Art under the stars!

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