Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tell the World, or at least Ottawa, About Your Art

Pecha Kucha Ottawa Vol # 5 - Open Call for Speakers

We are thrilled that the re-launch of Pecha Kucha in Ottawa on March 27th was so well-received and we are super-pumped for the next PK Ottawa to be held June 12, 2012 at the Saint Brigid's Centre for the Arts. We now seek your help in identifying potential speakers for future editions of Pecha Kucha Ottawa.

What Are We Looking For:
It's as simple as who you think makes Ottawa a more creative city? Tell us a little more about the potential speaker(s) (e.g., web links, description, etc) and why this person (group or organization) inspires you. Don't hesitate to nominate more than one candidate and yes, you can definitely nominate yourself!

We encourage you to visit the Pecha Kucha Ottawa Blog to learn more about our theme of "creative city-making":

Please submit your nomination(s) by May 4th (6PM).

How Do I Submit My Nomination?
You can do it several ways:

tweet us your nomination @PechaKucha_OTT
post your nomination on our Facebook page:
comment on this blog post
e-mail us
and we are experimenting with Pinterest (you need an account) by pinning your nomination here -

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