Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dream Love and Tenderness

Dream Love and Tenderness

  It was very overwhelming.  Too much is too much sometimes.  Panic attacks and a flood of emotions. One might equate that with my desperate, starved disposition. But I would be lying if I was saying that.  She was a very beautiful lady.  The conversations we shared were a gift.

too much, too soon
too many years without

a tidal wave of emotions

like a suicide bomber
it exploded

inside my heart

under my skin

deep inside my soul

I dream of
love and tenderness

photo painitng in studio - Spring 2012

 Dream of Love and Tenderness
oil on canvas. 28 x 32 inches. Winter -  Spring 2012. Price: $1000

I worked on this painting for three months. The soft subtle details are not captured in this photo.  Too sunny...

thank you

Patrick John Mills  

1 comment:

Shannon Lee said...

I would add hope to love and tenderness
as hope is painted throughout.

Absolutely beautiful!