Friday, May 11, 2012

Stage - I Love YOU


Now there is a stage in the back yard of the Patrick John Mills Gallery.  Sweet Stage.

It will comfortably fit bands, poets, theatre... fucking Party.

So excited.  In will have a roof in the next month and a half.  The goal is to get the roof on for Naked Naked Naked, next month's art party.  This way the roof will protect all the sound equipment for the bands.  And it will be great for weddings, special events, gallery rentals. 

I will also be putting in the electrical (underground) so that the lights and everything will look great. 

Theatre nights under the stars.... So excited. So pumped. 

Thank you to Jack Stekelenburg for everything. I mean everything. For he paid for everything and did all the work.  I gave him a painting. And he is the man with the heart and soul of the stage.

Get ready for for some incredible events at the gallery.... It is no longer an art gallery but an ARTS Gallery. 

Live Music, Live painting, Live Slam Poets, Live Dance, LIVE LOVE LIVE LOVE = ARTS