Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blah Blah BLOG ! by James Fletcher -sculptor

Patrick told me that I have to post my stuff on this BLOG :-)
so I can say " i love you patrick !"
As artists we take inspiration from everyone and everything.
We are like sponges...and lately this blog has been great !
I have been living in Vancouver for the past two years and travel to Ottawa
to show my work at Patrick's gallery.
My greatest accomplishment in 2011 was to prepare my studio in November
for Vancouver's huge 'East Side Crawl' .
Now I have a mini gallery space of my own within my studio
(24 feet of windows and natural light ) and feel like I am part of the community.

Going to my studio every day is a blast ! It's like having my own little art room -
living within my own little bubble - pushing, pulling, stretching, and shaping the 3 D bubble - taking the risk - knowing that there is always 'risk, doubt and joy' in every work of art.

Since January 1st I have preparing clay sculptures
for the 'Naked, Naked' show in June.
sneak preview photos to follow.....
thank you Patrick