Saturday, September 28, 2013

Just In Time Art Show

Untitled by Patrick John Mills

Just in time for people in the market for some tasteful art.

Held today at the Orange Hall on Rosemount Ave. in Ottawa, there was a selection to suit everyone's taste and budget. In fact, budget was not even in the mix as of the hundred-odd pieces available, most were priced under $50 and the majority, $20 to $35.

The idea to do this art sale arose from art journalist, Mike Levin, and his family.

Money made was donated to the H'Art program for developmentally delayed people in an art program at the Bronson Centre.

The Silent Auction items had reserve bids on them but there was no frenzy so it you wanted the painting above by Patrick John Mills valued at $1,800, there was a reserve bid on it of $300 so you could have been very lucky.

My GUITARABESQUE acoustic guitar case below was valued at $700 with a reserve of $200.

Here is an overview of the Hall. Above, from the Silent Auction location on the stage and to the left, from the entrance.

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