Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Painting Marathon - Day 19. (Snow Storm)

March Painting Marathon - Day 19.

A 20 sec video - before I start painting

Well today is a SNOW day.... and the word NO is NOT in the word sNOw for me. So when I say I am going to do something. Bring it on. Let it Snow.. .Let it Snow... Let it Snow...

So I took apart the closet in the section of the house I have to demolish and used it to build this easel.

 Insane... ? Crazy...? or Artist!

Live Love Art

Sussex Drive. oil on canvas. 28 x 38 inches. March 19th 2013. Price: $1800

I woke up this morning.. and the snow was just falling and falling. 
White. Pure White. Everywhere White. 
I was in a pillow of a dream.  White.
My body was exhausted. My hip was in pain.
I was not sure if the schools would be open... due to the snow storm.
So I called to find out... the school was open.  Sweet

Marathon means... must must must continue.
So I had to figure out a way to paint with so much falling snow.
So I build a special easel... Smile
Time to Live Love Art.

 art supplies -  starting to get covered in the fall snow

I did not take many photos of the process, nor really much photos of the experience.
Time was critical... had to stay intensely focused and just paint. 
With all the falling snow... I had to just focus on the work.
 photo of the painting on location

Patrick S Greene joined me... he showed up after me. 

We both worked. I managed to complete my painting. So I let him use my easel.

I moved my painting into the back of the van.  While waiting for him to complete his work.

I decided to continue to make a few small edits to the painting.

2 min video of painting on location

close up of the painting (detail)
this suggestion of information, freedom of brush work, and deconstruction of form... this is what excites me in this work.

 close up of painting (detail)
close up of painting (detail)

close up of painting (detail)

close up of painting (detail)

I built this special easel in the morning before leaving to go out and paint
Day 19 of painting outside... well my hip was hurting.
Outside standing bent over out in the cold for hours. 
So I decided to build this upright easel with a snow fall guard.

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