A friend of many laid-off public servants is displaying her opposition to federal job cuts loudly through the colour pink.

Shannon Lee Mannion, also known as "Pink Slip Patty," is an artist who created an eight-foot tall pink slip piñata for the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

The art installation pays homage to those public servants either already laid-off or in the midst of losing their jobs. PSAC used the large art installation as part of the national day of action on Sept. 15. Mannion offered to donate the structure to union for public servants but they kindly declined.

"We are all affected," she told CBC News, describing her piece of art. "All of these here are the pink slips so that any of these here could have your name on it, it's luck of the draw, pull a string maybe it's going to have your name on it."

People talking pink

Now Mannion has the art sitting on her front lawn on Florence Street in Centretown. She has added to the structure signs describing the cuts and often wears a full-length pink dress, pink scarf and large pink earrings.

Mannion admitted the structure is "avant garde," but she is also happy it has people talking.

"The people who get it, love it, and since this is like action central with all this construction, we have an endless stream of people. I came home the other night at about 11 and there was a girl here with her cellphone taking pictures," Mannion said.

The structure is likely to remain on Mannion's lawn until the snow begins to fall.