Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hintonburg Arts Quad - bye bye

Five Years ago I moved to Hintonburg. - Arts Quad.

I moved here for a few reasons:

-  Don Monet had a gallery near the Parkdale Market.

- There was Parkdale Gallery run by James Robertson.  .

I moved in and set up a gallery out of my home.  And built the first and only sculpture garden in Ottawa.

Later for a short time CA Gallery opened.

Five years

Cube Gallery moved up to Wellington Street.

Parkdale Gallery closed

CA Gallery closed.

And the City of Ottawa basically forced me to close.

But now there is Orange Art Gallery that opened. But the building they are in is at some point going to be turned into Condo's.  So in time they will move from their location.

So much for the Hintonburg Arts Quad.  What is Hintonburg now really known for.... Some nice affordable trendy restaurants.

Love Live Art... or ...  Live Die Art.

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Patrick S. Greene said...

Well so much for there advertising campaign for selling the condo's and history and culture the community had in the last 5 to 7 yrs! What next the government will control more of the arts instead of truly talented artists! Like that is going to work... More over look what they have done to all of the music festivals that have nothing to do with the titles and taxes, bylaws etc; The city is dieing culturally, lets not let this happen as artist we must stand tall!