Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dear Unknown Cowards


Deep breathe.

It has been a pretty emotional time.  I have had a lot of positive comments, gifts, help, love, support, encouragement.  Many things have flooded my heart, my world, and life.

For five years I worked very hard to develop the gallery.  And now I have been working on moving forward.

There are unknown individuals who are happy to see me get closed.  It is very clear that I upset more than a few individuals with my activities.

My current location is now closed.  Yes.  One step back... two steps forward.

I will continue to move forward. This is a set back. Life is like chess sometimes. Black and White movements.  Black and White Posters.

Moving Forward:

Stage One: Convert the gallery my home Hinchey property into a duplex (currently working on this). That way I can generate some income from this 3700 square foot house. So my monthly expenses are greatly lowered. And later it will become a duplex rental income property.

Stage Two: The gallery / home property is a double lot. It is lot 144 and lot 145.
So one of the two lots is already listed on MLS.  When it sells... I will have the some funds to invest in a new location. 

Stage Three:  Once the renovations on the gallery are complete... it is already rented for September 1st.  I just have to finish a few weeks of renovations...Then  I will take some time to relax. Focus on life, my daughter, my painting, and focus on calm.   Isabelle and I will continue to live upstairs in the Hinchey Property.  So that she can have some stability. Stay in her school.  

Stage Four: I have over a thousand paintings in storage. For ten years I have only approached two art galleries. So it is time to approach some galleries in other cities. For such a long time all my energy was directed on developing the gallery. Now it is time to develop relationships with galleries to show my work.  I am excited about this.  After all I have a massive body of work to show and sell. 

Stage Five:  When the Lot 145 sells. All properties sell... it is just a question of time.  I will have some money to explore options.  See what is available.  If I need more funds. I will consider selling the other property I own down the street. The crack house I renovated / triplex investment property.  I would wish to hold back on this...And keep this investment property.  But if needed I will consider selling it.  

Another Option:  Isabelle and I could move out of our current home and rent another location. Then I would have 5 rental incomes.  I do not have to purchase the next location.

Stage Six:  In the Fall... start doing research. Brain storming locations, options, business models, churches.  Sustainable options to operating a new art space.  Get help from skilled, helpful individuals to gain protection... to avoid future problems.

Stage Seven: always keep painting.  Loving, Living Art.

Inshort.... Things are moving forward.  And in the future I will have another location. A better location. I have the resources, funds, friends, relationships, artists, marketing, branding, successful format of events to make the future a dream.  It will take some time. Dream Dreams.

I look at the last five years as a gift. I was able to push things forward in a creative, real, true vision. I did not have to worry about money / commercial taxes / it was fun. An experiment. A cheap way to learn how to develop a business. And ultimately the success of the vision... too many people participating in the dream is why I was forced to close by the City.  I do not know very many art galleries that can say that they were forced to close because they were too successful.  Smile.

So for a while the Unknown Cowards that are happy I am currently closed... Eat Sleep Shit Live breathe cry Love Fuck dream Kiss ART....

Live, Love ART.


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