Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Painting en plein air

Carmela's paintings drying.
You'd have thought we were in Florida.
Four intrepid souls painted for hours at the corner of Bank St. and Laurier Ave. today, giving a heads-up to Ottawans that there will be one helluva pARTy, that is, a party which includes art, music, poetry, dance, food and libation this coming Saturday at the Patrick John Mills Gallery. $15.00 for all of this. Please see the gallery website and click on BLOG for more details or go to the gallery page on Facebook.

As was commented to one of today's artists, Carmela, one of the great things about painting outside in winter is that paint really sticks, uh, freezes to the canvas, it doesn't drip, because it's frozen in place, and doesn't smear, ditto. Brushes do not have to be cleaned until one gets home because the paint doesn't harden, it just freezes and then thaws once indoors and then they can be easily cleaned. Dust, lint, leaves and whatever other detritus kicked up by passing cars and pedestrians does not ruin one's oeuvre because nothing sticks to frozen paint.

Wet canvases loaded in the back of a station wagon for trip back to the gallery.
It really is the most perfect of conditions!

Some of the materials used by Patrick.

Car roof-top holds plein air studio items.
Clever use of shopping buggy as easel.

No sitting. Wet paint(ings)

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