Thursday, December 29, 2011

I failed to paint a Penis...

The Chair. oil on canvas. 10 x 12 inches. December 2011.

Wake Up - Time to Paint

Ivory black is something you put on your palette.
Black Pepper is something you put on your eggs.
Emerald Green is not Green Eggs and Ham.
Paint. Eat. Drink. Life.

For my birthday Mathieu Laca was so kind and gave me some paint. Well we also had a bet. Who would have an article written about them in the Ottawa Citizen. Mathieu Laca was in many many newspapers and featured in countless magazines. But he lost the bet. We both smiled. As it was a bullshit bet. Just something to smile about.

The tube of paint that Mathieu gave me was Anthraquinone Red by Kama Pigments. I really enjoyed using this paint. It was ground in Walnut Oil. Which is something I normally do not use. The paint has a velvet feel. So I decided to use water color brushes to get a softer wash. I put it as a back ground color. Something new for a change. I used Cobalt Turquoise Deep in The Chair. Those two pigments really compliment each other well.

The Painting is titled: The Chair. I took an up close image of the Chair. After I signed the painting. While standing up near my fish tank in my kitchen. I decided to add little feet shadows on the chair. Last minute sort of thing. Not sure why. But it seemed like a good thing to do.

I worked on this painting for two days. I kept trying to add a penis in the male figure (right hand side). Mathieu Laca did give me some paint as a gift. So I felt a painting with a penis would be a good thing to add. But after three attempts... I failed to include the cock.

This painting relates to a poem I wrote during the Summer of 2011. The poem is untitled.

You build your bubble
head in the clouds

I get angry scream
real loud

You detach, I attack
we get depleted, us gets deleted

No one is to blame
we are equal
and the same

Where is the trust
we keep killing us

these are my words
this is our song

this is our love
gone terribly wrong.

Written by Patrick John Mills

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