Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eat, Sleep, Shit, Live, breathe, cry, Love, Fuck, dream, Kiss, ART

Since expanding the gallery... my home has become filled with art... everywhere.

Wanting to paint in the warm for the first time in five years. Where do I paint? Do I use the gallery? Do I use the back room (wood burning stove room)? Where do I paint?

I love my kitchen upstairs. So I decided to some of my painting supplies upstairs. I love this space. I have the fish tank. My tea kettle. The heat is nice. The window is large. Inshort... I feel good there. So now I paint at the kitchen table. It is fun.

In the last two days I managed to complete three paintings. The first one was a painting taken from a drawing I completed months ago.

The second painting is a Self Portrait of me sitting in a chair with a father's day blue flower.

The third painting is a Self Portrait of myself while painting outside in a landscape with dead bodies at my feet. The Male figure has a penis. I decided to include a penis for Mathieu Laca. Smile. Balls to the Wall. Why not! I did not have the penis erect. Nor does the penis have sperm / paint blowing across the canvas. But perhaps I will piss on the canvas. Shit on the canvas. Fuck on the Canvas. Live Art. Dream Art. Cry Art. Sleep Art.

Now that my paintings are on the kitchen table... Eat Art is not such a good idea. But this morning I did eat my breakfast in one hand and paint in the other. And before 10 am I had managed to complete my first painting. It is fun.

Mathieu Laca is a painting machine. His level of Self Promotion on Facebook is relentless. Very inspired.

I had a smile when I painted the penis on the canvas. It was fun. Thank you Laca. You have inspired my painting.

live dream art

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