Sunday, July 24, 2011

War Painting and War Poem , by Patrick John Mills

This painting is titled: Foreign Policy). oil on canvas. 6 1/2 x 12 feet. Dec 2006. $25,000.

The painting was completed on location. It was painted at night over two week ends. The location was downtown Ottawa. Across the street from the US Embassy, facing the Canadian Peace Tower. It was winter. It was about -18 degrees while painting.

Here is a poem that I also wrote that I wished to share.

Titled: Under Yellow

a man with one arm and
no legs sits in a wheel chair

in the corner of the room
under a yellow lamp

the T.V. is on mute - images
flash across the night sky

bombs and guns
in his head explode

he was not a suicide bomber
that walked into that restaurant

he was not fighting for peace
and these are not suicidal thoughts

those were not his legs
arms, head, organs

that was not his sister that
lay in pieces on the street

that was not red blood
that burned like gasoline

the war is over
over and over again

the man continues to try
to fall asleep.

Written March - May 2005

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