Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dale Smith Announces the Closing of Dale Smith Gallery

Dale Smith, whose gallery is on Beechwood St. in Ottawa's North end, formally announced today that she will be closing her gallery at the end of August 2011. While it may not be a gallery you or I have been part of, there is a regret that Art has not been able to triumph and our art community is therefore diminished by this closing.

Here, in part, is what Ms. Smith said in an email sent to her mailing list this evening:

Art is my passion. Words don't easily convey what this Gallery and the artists it was created to represent mean to me. I will always treasure the relationships we have cultivated, as well as the many people who we have all had the privilege of meeting over the years. Speaking for myself, I have made friendships that I know will be lasting ones and my life has been enriched in ways that I find impossible to describe in email. Though the last opening took place two weeks ago, the Gallery walls continue to reverberate with the sounds of eight years of enlightening and challenging conversations about art.


Thank-you, Dale Smith, for giving it your best.

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