Saturday, January 31, 2015

Oil Painting on Sparks Street... Live Love and Painting.

After The City of Ottawa forced me to shut my gallery due to zoning.  It has been a long hard road.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The Lot is conditionally Sold.
Soon it will be time invest in the future.

Having this time off from running the gallery... has given time to live, love, and paint. 
Presently I am painting on Sparks Street and putting my passion into my palette.
It is very cold outside. Snow flakes melt on my face. My fingers are freezing... but I am free.
Inside my soul everything is beautiful. Warm red blood keeps me warm.

I am not a bird in a cage
The streets is my studio.. and there are no walls.
I am a building
I am a tree
I am the falling snow that melts into water on my face. 

The sunlight reflects off the windows of the downtown buildings... and sunshine enters into my eyes.

Allowing myself to be me.  Having the courage to creatively continue.  Not accepting negative elements.  I have worked hard and continue to paint and share.

Painting outside on Sparks Street as my studio is to share with others.  To open my studio. I am an artist. I do work. I am a painter. And these are my paintings. I push myself to paint outside at very cold temperatures.

My life is moments.  And while I paint everything is in perfect harmony.  I feel connected to everything. It is just a beautiful process.

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Mobile Transport Art Studio = Freedom to paint anywhere

thank you Robert Faubert for the photo 

working on location

 Very cold day... - 33 degree Celsius

Sunshine... love it.

destroying a section of my house... to clear half the double Lot. 

old electrical panel

new updated electrical panel... house now a duplex
That way I have another rental income.
Life as an artist has its up and downs. So I have tried to be responsible. 

destroying a section on my house... by hand

No dreams happen while you sleep.
This was a lot of hard work. 
I removed this section of the house. To clean half the Lot.  
I gave 103 tons of stones away off Kijiji
Converted my house into a duplex
and now the Lot 144 is conditionally Sold.  

New Chapter in my life... very excited.  

Patrick John Mills

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