Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Paint is Paint

I have enjoyed my pain equally as much as my pleasure. I have embraced them both with the same openness.

My career is not a career. Life is life. Paint is Paint. The time spent in my studio is pure.

The praise, the sales, the awards, the media...do not change my pigments on my palette. My paint brushes remain the same size.

I can only wear one underwear at a time.

When I sleep my dreams are not blanketed by big houses and fancy cars. When I dream my soul flies like a bird in the big blue open sky.

My feathered mind migrates across boundaries and borders without passports and permission. 

I do not delude myself that I own acres of mother nature... that the ocean can be deposited in my bank about. My life is rented, I am not for sale.   A bird sings, grass grows, rain falls, sunshine sweet sunshine.

Live love Art

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