Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Painting Marathon - Day 26 (blue sky)

March Painting Marathon - Day 26
Watch the video... it really shares what I was thinking... 
Day 26 - short video
The Canal. oil on canvas. 30 x 44 inches. March 26th, 2013. Price: $2000

 tried to just suggest the roof.  Wanted the paint to be paint.

it started to hail... ice pallets started to fall... so I had to stop...
so I never put in all the flags on the poles.... I decided to leave it without the flags
so that it woudl be true to the experience and give insight to Plein Air painting.

 This photo does not do justice to the texture of the ice and water.
I was so proud of this section of the painting.  The painting must be seen in the flesh.
Really was happy with the results.  The paint ... you just want to eat it.

Process or stages of the painting:
just putting in the sky and basic form / composition of elements

starting to put in the water / melting of the canal and tranparent sections

Finished painting / photo taken on location
Selected Media Coverage: March Painting Marathon.
CTV News - Regional Contact (Joel Haslem)
Ottawa Citizen (Arts Section - Peter Simpson)
CBC (Alan Neal - All in A Day) - interview on location

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Shannon Lee said...

Hi Patrick, will there be a chance to see the pantheon of paintings from over the month all in one place?

Maybe a show?

Looking forward!