Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good Morning

 Good Morning. oil on canvas. 30 x 54 inches. Spring 2012. Price: $2200.
Patrick John Mills

photo taken on the fence in the back yard of my studio.

April 19th. 2012.  I had some birds singing outside my bedroom window at 4:43 am.  It was still dark outside. I opened my window a little more. I decided to just enjoy hearing them.  My pillow was a cloud. I lay on my back to straighten out my back. I watched the day start.

The last week has been extremely productive... very creatively demanding. I completed 11 paintings this week alone.  So I was very tired. And did not really wish to go to the studio. But the creative flow was just moving. So I moved back into my studio.  I managed to start four other paintings and complete this work. 

close up of painting

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